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The Winemaker

From working as a shearer in outback Queensland to becoming the Chief Winemaker at one of Bendigos leading wineries is proof that dreams can still be achieved.

Ross set about resurrecting the overgrown vineyard after purchasing the property in 1985. Using all of his farming skills he spent countless hours in the vineyard returning it to its former glory. He held the belief that if you could produce premium quality fruit you could make premium wine and he has held true to this belief throughout his winemaking journey. He has a passion for full bodied reds and revels in the challenge of making his pride and joy The Honour Shiraz. As each vintage rolls around he closely monitors the fruit coming off the Old Shiraz vines and treats it with absolute respect as it comes onto the winery..

                         "Traditional winemaking methods with minimal chemical intervention is what its all about- let the fruit do the talking"